Take Off

Floating silently and weightlessly through the air set loose from everything "down there", and feel the indescribable feeling of limitless freedom all the way down into your toes!

That is the sensation of flying. And there is no comparable way to fly that is simpler than paragliding!

"Simply fly" - that is the greatest wish of all pilots and of those wishing to become one. That is also the motto of our flight school. "Fly safely" is our matching concept: The equipment that our students are taught with, does not only comply with the regulations, but also meets the demands of all new safety standards out there. Outstanding is our credo in both our education and our instructors. In every aspect be it flight technique, material science or meteorology we present the latest technical expertise.

To guarantee safety continuous and consequent education is necessary! That we offer a high end education is therefore only natural. A plain example, are our paragliding excursions.

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